‘Thesaurus Has a Secret’ by Anya Glazer Book Review

‘Thesaurus Has a Secret’ by Anya Glazer is a cute story about a dinosaur named Thesaurus. He loves words, but he feels he has to hide this secret because he believes that none of the other dinosaurs would understand. He finds spots where he will not be noticed and where he can read his books. He just wants to fit in, and this is his way of making it happen. Little does he know that the other dinosaurs think nothing of the sort. They are also curious about the stories.

Thesaurus realizes, through his actions, that hiding things isn’t the answer. He should be true to who he is and there will be people (or, in this case, dinosaurs) who accept him. He even finds himself a leader of sorts as a result. The book also presents a nice moral in that it captures the power of getting swept up in the excitement of reading about new and interesting worlds that can pave the path to exciting adventures and discussions throughout life.

A sweet and friendly story, ‘Thesaurus Has a Secret’ has adorable illustrations and a host of book titles filled with dinosaur puns that will make any book lover smile.

You can find ‘Thesaurus Has a Secret’ by Anya Glazer here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*