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10/10ths: A Young Adult Novel of La Carrera Panamericana

Author: Suzy Witten

Publisher: Dreamwand

Release Date: December 30, 2016

288 pages

Book Description (from 14-year-old Andi Gazek, a lifelong car nut, mini-MacGyver, and expert strategizer (i.e., fibber) from Montana, hits the road one abandoned summer in search of the racer father she never knew. Finding him is not enough. Now she wants him to drive the world famous 2,500-mile vintage car rally race–La Carrera Panamericana–with her in Mexico… and she expects him to teach her. What she learns, and what he learns, in their wills-clashing, car-crashing process is miles beyond any road map. 10/10ths is a lesson charged, richly peopled, coming-of-age action adventure set in a contemporary car racing world full of high-speed hairpin curves and misdirection. For a Young Adult reader, it’s a page turning dented ride to what being “family” means.

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