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Beth Rodgers is an author and editor. Her first novel, Freshman Fourteen, centers around high school freshman, Margot Maples. Margot tries to win the heart of her first true crush, Peter, while at the same time fending off advances from Walter, a dorky boy who likes her. Steering clear of the school bully and winning a part in the school play make for a freshman year that has ups, downs, twists, turns, and a lot of laughter as well. From Freshman Fourteen, Margot moves on to her sophomore year in Sweet Fifteen. In this sequel, Margot has newfound confidence and decides to run for class president. A trio of guy friends, all with different levels of feelings for her, share their ideas for how to best go about it. Throwing a wrench in the works is the sophomore class mean girl, Carolyn Dippet. However, Margot finds that, despite the troubles she faces, she grows in her relationships and strengthens her friendships during the school year.

The Margot world continues in the 2018 short story “Heart and Homes,” included in the anthology, Mistletoe & Magic, which follows her newfound friend, Cassie Shearer, on a holiday volunteer mission where she helps build low-income homes alongside friend and bothersome love interest, Cole.

Beth’s newest release is Welcome to Chanu-Con!, a comic book style graphic children’s book written in verse and inclusive of the Chanukah story with its deeper meanings. She is thrilled to have collaborated with her friend, veteran children’s illustrator, Howard Fridson. It has long been a dream of Beth’s to publish a children’s book, and she is excited to be able to share it with her readers.

Beth holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Secondary English Education from the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, respectively. Beth has worked as an adjunct faculty member at Baker College of Clinton Township, teaching Composition I and II, Creative Writing, Children’s Literature, and Academic Literacy courses. She also worked in Baker’s Writing Center, tutoring and providing workshops for students as they worked on essays and other writing for various classes. Previously, she had worked for several years at the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT), an art and design college, teaching Developmental English, Information Literacy, and College Success courses. Additionally, Beth has given professional development presentations, discussing strategies and best practices for teaching writing in a classroom setting. Before Baker and IADT, she spent five years teaching high school and middle school, including composition, literature, and grammar classes.

Beth’s current writing project is a study abroad novel about a girl getting ready to enter her senior year of high school. Her other interests include reading and reviewing young adult novels, editing fiction and non-fiction works, and providing writing consults and coaching for businesses and their employees. Beth enjoys instilling her love of writing and literature into her own students as well as during writing presentations and workshops with school and library groups.

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