‘What Goes Up’ by Christine Heppermann Book Review

‘What Goes Up’ by Christine Heppermann is a quick read, as it is a novel-in-verse, a format that can be very enticing not only because of the fast pace it takes, but due to its more intense nature as there are fewer words to convey all of the emotions and stories being told. Even though the engaging format of novels-in-verse is compelling, it seemed like this book could have been longer to help fill the gaps that were left in terms of what is happening in Jorie’s family life and how it has affected who she is and how she sees herself.

When Jorie finds herself waking up in the bed of a stranger, her upset at the situation she has found herself in is obvious. Being broken up with someone that she still has to see and do things with doesn’t make her life any easier as she contemplates the fallout of what she has found herself dealing with in the moment.

It was interesting that there was a lot of scientific talk in the book, but for people who don’t understand all of the jargon, the metaphors that are often used don’t always resonate the way they surely would if they were more relatable to a larger number of readers.

Despite there not being quite enough to make the book feel as “whole” as one might like, there is a lot of room for discussion that can be generated from the textual references, metaphors, and emotional storyline. Jorie is a typical girl dealing with typical issues that are making her feel like life isn’t easy or understandable. Everyone has been through something like this, even if they haven’t acted in quite the way Jorie does in the story. Yet, that is one of the interesting aspects of this book, and books in general. They allow readers to explore the depths of someone else’s life to help make sense of who they as readers are and how the books help define their own character through the eyes of the characters themselves.

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