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Developmental Editing, Line Editing, and/or Proofreading

Beth Rodgers, Author Editing ServicesLooking for an editor? Beth Rodgers is a seasoned professional who will surpass your expectations. In addition to editing, Beth is extensively versed in creating top-notch documents and manuscripts. She is an an author, a college English instructor, and she tours libraries and schools giving writing presentations.

Benefits of working with Beth:

– Beth Goes Above and Beyond Standard Editing – Beth not only helps authors prepare immaculate documents, she also writes significant supplemental notes both inside “track changes” and on a separate document to ensure all areas of improvement are thoroughly covered.
– Beth is Extremely Responsive by Email – Beth replies very quickly to all questions as well as document and quote requests so that clients can solve their concerns without significant time delays.
– Beth Offers a Complete Array of Developmental Editing, Line Editing, and Proofreading – As a creative writing specialist and grammar expert, Beth has every area covered when it comes to helping you perfect your manuscript. Services may be requested one at a time, or can be combined for an even friendlier total cost.

Not sure what type of service is best for you? Check out the descriptions below, and if you still have questions, please feel free to email Beth Rodgers at beththewriter@gmail.com for further information. You can find the price list at the bottom of this page.

Developmental Editing Components
– Helps your writing stand out with clarity, purpose, and continuity
– Provides feedback on structure, content, and overarching themes of your writing
– Offers questions, comments, and concerns that would stand out to a general reader
– Combs document for consistency (including names, dates, chapter titles, a character’s eye color from one chapter to the next, etc.)
Final decisions on every detail from small to large are always up to the author.
NOTE – Developmental editing should generally be done BEFORE proofreading (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the like), so that a final version can be completed and so that proofreading does not need to occur twice or more.

Line Editing Components
– Ensures consistency of the language used within the writing at the paragraph and sentence levels
– Helps ensure that the story or the content is the focus of the manuscript
– Checks that writing is internally and logically consistent, following from what comes before it and leading clearly into what comes after it
– Eliminates repetitive words or phrases, and streamlines the use of formal vs. informal writing structures
– Points out the need for transitions, elimination of run-on sentences, missing words, or elimination of excess words
NOTE: Line editing does NOT include spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the like.

Proofreading Components
– Focuses on all matters of grammar, spelling, punctuation
– Includes word and phrase consistency
– Corrects style, syntax, and paragraph formatting issues
– Helps the author finalize a finished document which is suitable for publishing

For any and all of the services listed above, “track changes” and “create annotations” are used on the side of the document. For more information about any service (individually or in combination), please feel free to contact Beth Rodgers at beththewriter@gmail.com. Please see below for the price points for each individual or combined service.

Price List
Prices are per word. Multiply word count to obtain final cost.
$0.008 – proofreading only
$0.012 – developmental editing OR line editing only
$0.014 – developmental editing + line editing (both in one read-through)
$0.016 – developmental editing (first read-through) + proofreading (second read-through)
$0.018 – developmental editing + line editing (both in first read-through) + proofreading (in second read-through)

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