‘Summer and July’ by Paul Mosier Book Review

‘Summer and July’ by Paul Mosier is a beautifully written story perfect for summer reading. Readers will find themselves immersed in the novel, navigating the streets of Santa Monica and the waves of the ocean as Juillet finds her footing, both figuratively and literally. When she moves to California for the month of July with her mom, she is anything but excited about anything positive happening to her. She’s already depressed about her parents’ divorce, her dad’s new girlfriend, the fact that her mom is going to be spending so much time away from her for work, and the fact that her best friend from home, Fern, thinks she’s been ditched. Life is anything but sunshine and happiness, until she meets Summer, the peppy, pretty, kind girl who befriends Juillet and makes her feel more at home than she might have ever felt before.

Set against the backdrop of Beach Boys music and an intense month of learning about oneself, Juillet and Summer show each other each and every day what it means to be a friend. They help each other deal with troubles, some which they have been struggling to conquer. When Summer reveals her own solemn issues, Juillet realizes that however big her own problems seem to be, there is always someone else with something equally, if not more, important that they themselves are dealing with, and everyone is worthy of being heard, cared for, and understood.

No one said life as a tween, or even as a teen, is easy, and Juillet and Summer show that, despite their youth, they are more than capable of raising each other up and learning to grow stronger and prouder of who they are. This is a book readers will find themselves wanting to hold on to and re-read with each passing summer. Shining through every page is a layer of truth that showcases the reality of how fast a friendship can form, how thrilling it can be, and how sad one can realize they are as it’s nearing its end. The book will bring smiles, tears, feelings of comfort, joy, peace, security, and so much more. It is more than worth the read and comes very highly recommended!

You can find ‘Summer and July’ by Paul Mosier here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*