‘Layoverland’ by Gabby Noone Book Review

‘Layoverland’ by Gabby Noone, despite being about a teenager who has died, ironically creates a very inviting atmosphere for readers to explore. When Bea is in an accident, she doesn’t expect to find herself in the middle of an airport among other people who have also found themselves in purgatory. However, that is where she is, dealing with the uncertainty of a future that doesn’t even really exist.

After learning that she is going to be working with someone named Sadie to help other people in her same situation move on to heaven, she doesn’t know quite how to react. She’s been chosen to help these people figure out their own issues that are holding them back from moving on, when in fact she has troubles all her own. Namely, she finds out that Caleb, the boy who caused her accident, is one of the people she has to help. Revenge is the first thing on her mind when she finds this out, but she fears what will happen if the powers that be find out her plan. She doesn’t know what might happen to her if it is revealed that she is messing with him in order to ruin his chances at his ever after.

As she learns more about him, though, she finds that he isn’t as bad as she made him out to be, and maybe everything isn’t what it seems. She does everything in her power to keep her mindset against him, however, doing her utmost to avoid anything that might resemble friendliness.

Readers also get to see the moments leading up to Bea’s accident, told through chapters specifically designated for these flashbacks. Her relationship with her sister, Emmy, the only person she really loved and cared for while alive, is well-crafted, and it shows that sometimes someone’s best intentions are not always seen as such. No matter how much Bea loves Emmy, their relationship still is fraught with upset, and Bea’s dying makes it all that much harder for her to deal with what might become of Emmy now that she’s gone forever.

A sweet, poignant look at what the afterlife might look like, ‘Layoverland’ by Gabby Noone entrusts readers to take a chance on the unknown and engage with it. Anyone who reads it will come away with the feeling that every moment is worth living, even the moments that seem inconsequential.

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*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*