‘Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip’ by Kimberly & James Dean Book Review

‘Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip’ by Kimberly & James Dean is yet another well-conceived addition to the ‘Pete the Cat’ series. It takes readers on a trip across the country, revealing places such as Niagara Falls, Boston, New York, New Orleans, Mount Rushmore, Los Angeles, and more. The family enjoys being together, visiting the sites, and taking part in the action.

Kids will love learning, even ever so briefly, about each of the places Pete and his family go, likely learning about some new places that they may want to visit themselves. They will understand that being together is one of the best parts of any trip, and anything can be made that much better by being with people who enjoy being with you.

The illustrations are adorable, highlighting each and every site that Pete visits, sometimes even adding something “cat-like” to the pictures to make it stand out all the more. For example, the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls is called the “Cat of the Mist” in this book, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame has Pete’s family visiting stars like those of the Cat in the Hat, Sylvester the Cat, and more.

The sweetness of the book is highly evident in the words and images, and readers will once again be enraptured by Pete and his uniquely enjoyable world.

You can find ‘Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip’ by Kimberly & James Dean here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*