‘Little Penguin’s New Friend’ by Tadgh Bentley Book Review

‘Little Penguin’s New Friend’ by Tadgh Bentley is a cute story about the making of a friendship despite misconceptions about the other person. The penguin has heard things about the polar bear that he doesn’t know whether to believe. He wonders whether he’ll be scary, if his roar will be frightening, and if he’ll tell bad jokes. When the polar bear arrives, the penguin learns that he isn’t what he seems. Polar Bear likes to roar, but with laughter, and even though he does tell bad jokes, Penguin doesn’t think they’re so bad. The book shows that even though people are different, there is always something that people can find in each other to get along. However, if one doesn’t look for these similarities, one can find it difficult to connect with others.

A great book for new readers as they learn more sight words, you can find ‘Little Penguin’s New Friend’ by Tadgh Bentley here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*