‘Stranger Things: Runaway Max’ by Brenna Yovanoff Book Review

‘Stranger Things: Runaway Max’ by Brenna Yovanoff provides an intriguing look into Max’s life before and during her time in Hawkins, Indiana. While trying to find her place once she moves to Hawkins from California, she meets Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Will, along with some of the other main characters from Stranger Things. She wants to be part of their group, but finds herself guarded and worried about what will happen if she gives in to the temptation of getting to know them and actually starting to believe their stories about all of the crazy things that have been happening in town since Will mysteriously disappeared the year before.

All the while she tries to keep her worry at bay about older stepbrother Billy, who seems bent on making her life as miserable as possible, despite her sometimes thinking he is doing what he does because he cares about her. She learns quickly, though, that his easily provoked, highly angry nature is doing neither her nor him any favors, and his rage seems to easily turn into rampages that she doesn’t want to affect her new friends, as she feels it did her old ones back in California.

Yovanoff brings added insight to the Stranger Things storyline through her writing. Having worked with the writers of the show, readers can be sure they are gaining more nuanced understanding to the inner workings of the characters. Definitely worth reading!

You can find ‘Stranger Things: Runaway Max’ by Brenna Yovanoff here.

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