‘Bea and the Bad Boy’ by Anna Catherine Field Book Review

‘Bea and the Bad Boy’ by Anna Catherine Field is a page-turning story that evolves from two people who don’t really know much about each other into two people who find that they’ve been thrown together and it isn’t all that bad. Actually, it’s pretty good, and the fact that they begin to fall for each other is surprising to both of them, but is icing on the cake for readers.

While Bea considers herself naive and somewhat prudish – or at least that’s how she thinks her classmates see her – she finds herself wrapped up in what starts out as a fake relationship with next door neighbor Carter, who is anything but those characteristics. Rather, he is what everyone considers trouble with a capital “T,” yet he also is devastatingly handsome and knows how to charm almost anyone. His life isn’t so easy, though, as he deals with an overbearing yet not-so-present father who wants Carter’s swimming to be his only focus. Bea finds herself constantly in her twin brother Atticus’ shadow, and the fact that her best friend started dating Atticus isn’t helping matters any since she no longer feels she can be friends with or confide in her. It’s the reason Bea and Carter start faking a relationship – to help each other with the issues they feel are constantly plaguing them. It all turns into something more, though, and while neither of them see it coming, they both find themselves falling for the other, and their already complicated fake relationship becomes all too real, emotions and all.

Mean girls, lies, misunderstandings, friendships gained and lost, and so much more make ‘Bea and the Bad Boy’ a must read for any lover of young adult romance and drama.

You can find ‘Bea and the Bad Boy’ by Anna Catherine Field here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*