‘Ty’s Travels: All Aboard!’ by Kelly Starling Lyons Book Review

‘Ty’s Travels: All Aboard!’ by Kelly Starling Lyons, pictures by Nina Mata, is an adorable story of Ty and his family. Wanting nothing more than an adventure to fill his day with wonder, he does his best to enlist his parents and brother in his fun escapades. The problem is, they’re all busy. Dad is making dinner, Mom is folding clothes, and his brother, Corey, is doing homework. So, Ty decides to make his own fun, and little by little, his family comes to play with him.

Ty’s imagination comes to life through the colorful, descriptive illustrations. While he creates a train out of a box and takes a trip through his house, imagining himself traveling through the countryside and into the city, he comes to find that fun is where you find it, and while you can search for it yourself, it’s always made that much more fun when you get the people you love to join you.

A fun ‘I Can Read’ book for developing readers, it is one not to be missed.

You can find ‘Ty’s Travels: All Aboard!’ by Kelly Starling Lyons here, releasing on September 1, 2020.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*