‘Pete the Cat: 5-Minute Bedtime Stories: Includes 12 Cozy Stories!’ by James & Kimberly Dean Book Review

‘Pete the Cat 5-Minute Bedtime Stories: Includes 12 Cozy Stories!’ by Kimberly and James Dean is an adorable storybook that any lover of children’s stories will find inviting. Each one of Pete’s tales is unique, in that he gets to do a lot of different activities and enjoy every moment of each one.

He gets to spend time as the Tooth Fairy, travel to outer space, go camping with his family, and pretend he’s a pirate searching for treasure. He also gets to take a train trip, become a firefighter trainee, and make something to sell at his school bake sale, among many other fun adventures.

Pete is always eager to be part of everything, and he loves spending time with his friends and family. This is a great lesson for kids, as they learn that playing pretend and being together can be just as exciting as, if not more than, watching a TV show or playing video games. There is so much to do and so much to see if you learn how to observe the world around you and find what interests you most. Any kid or adult who reads this book can find something fun to dream about after reading any one of these bedtime stories.

You can find ‘Pete the Cat: 5-Minute Bedtime Stories’ by James & Kimberly Dean here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*