‘Rabbit & Possum’ by Dana Wulfekotte

‘Rabbit & Possum’ by Dana Wulfekotte is a sweet story about two friends who are having a rough day, but end up making the most of it. When Possum is scared by a “monster” in the bushes, he rushes up a tree. While Rabbit scrambles to find a way to get Possum down safely, including getting the “monster” – which turns out to be a moose – involved, Possum all but gives up hope, sure that nothing Rabbit will do will help him escape the clutches of the tree in which he is now stuck. The fact that the moose is involved in one of the rescue attempts only strengthens Possum’s resolve to stay put. The cutest solution was when Rabbit built a ladder that turned out to be way too small for what Possum needed, showing Rabbit’s resolve when he continued to attempt to save his friend.

Rabbit’s tried and true attempts, including bringing the thing that Possum is most afraid of – the moose – shows how sometimes being scared is only a product of not knowing enough about what one fears. Friendship and seeing how things can work out in the end despite constantly thinking to the contrary are relevant themes in this adorable story that anyone can relate to, and which is brought more to life through the simple, yet enjoyable illustrations.

You can find ‘Rabbit & Possum’ by Dana Wulfekotte here.

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