‘Pinkalicious at the Fair’ by Victoria Kann Book Review

‘Pinkalicious at the Fair’ by Victoria Kann captures the adorable nature of a girl named Pinkalicious and a fun day out with her friend, Molly, at the fair. Now that Pinkalicious has a new show on PBS, it’s hard to see her without her brother, Peterrific. However, Pinkalicious is a force unto herself, spreading joy and love everywhere she goes through her excitement about every situation.

From riding the carousel to eating cotton candy, playing Unicorn Ring Toss to visiting a petting zoo, Pinkalicious and Molly enjoy being a pair and roaming the fair grounds as they take on each new adventure.

Fans of the Pinkalicious books as well as the TV show will feel right at home in this new installment in Kann’s series. A delightful read for children and their parents.

You can find ‘Pinkalicious at the Fair’ by Victoria Kann here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*

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