‘Feast of Peas’ by Kashmira Sheth Book Review

‘Feast of Peas’ by Kashmira Sheth, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler, is a cute story that captures how something might be just under your nose, yet you don’t realize it. At the same time, when you find out, there are always work-arounds to be able to get through the situation without losing a friendship.

While Jiva works in his vegetable patch, the item he loves most are his peas. Yet, each time he goes to pick them, they’re gone. His friend, Ruvji, always visits, trying to help Jiva through the predicament, giving reasons as to why they may have disappeared. While Jiva takes Ruvji’s suggestions at face value, he soon learns that there is more to the missing peas than meets the eye, and Ruvji may have more knowledge of their whereabouts than he lets on. When Jiva takes it into his own hands to learn the truth about the disappearing peas, he finds out a truth about his friend that he seems to have suspected, but was hoping wasn’t true.

Without giving away the ending, know that the story presents a nice moral in that it shows happiness and friendship can withstand even the most unsettling situations. One must look on the positive side of things to make everything work out as best it can.

While the story was a nice one, it was a little lengthy, but the illustrations were endearing and colorful. Vegetable lovers will enjoy this sweet story about friends, understanding, and most certainly, peas!

You can find ‘Feast of Peas’ by Kashmira Sheth here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*