‘Realizing River City’ by Melissa Grunow Book Review

rivercity‘Realizing River City’ is an unapologetic, stirring account of author Melissa Grunow’s relationship history. This memoir chronicles her struggles as she tries, both figuratively and literally, at times, to keep her head above water. She paints a vivid, compelling picture of life through her eyes – a life in which she struggles to maintain a semblance of who she is all while weathering the storm that is her aggravating and heartbreaking relationships with men.

Starting off early on detailing her life as a young twenty-something married woman, on to the string of unsuccessful relationships that gnaw at her until she realizes she needs to get out of them to save herself, she doesn’t hold back. Her words keep the pages turning, wondering what will happen next and how it will all end up. Her path is not an easy one, but it is one that she navigates with as much dignity as she can. Yet her uncertainty about ever finding a solid, steady relationship is discussed throughout, and she pushes herself to do the right thing and take care of herself. As time and her relationships wear on, she knows that if she doesn’t do this, she will never survive it all.

This unabashedly revealing tale is not only her story, but an instructive tale to women who may find themselves in Grunow’s shoes. The way she tells her truth and comes to terms with her past and all its turmoil is heartening. Readers will instinctively feel connected with her and her troubles, as well as her strengths in the face of adversity. Her dedication to moving on and finding what is right for her is something that no one can take for granted.

You can find ‘Realizing River City’ by Melissa Grunow here.