‘Lucy and the Love Pact’ by Anna Catherine Field Book Review

‘Lucy and the Love Pact’ by Anna Catherine Field shares two stories, one of Lucy and one of Dean, as they navigate their careers, and eventually their relationship with each other. While Lucy is still somewhat reeling from a catastrophic turn on a modeling TV show she was on, Dean is an up and coming actor on a teen soap. Both of them need help in various areas, from confidence to upping their social media presence, to figuring out who they and what they want outside of the limelight. Dean’s relationship with his family is one of the more important aspects of his life, while Lucy’s lack of a family, including the foster family that had taken her in, factors into her troubles throughout the story.

When they are both given shots, Lucy in terms of redemption on the TV show, and Dean in terms of becoming a larger part of the show he’s on, they both have their issues with moving forward. The best way to move past these issues is for each of them to help the other. While doing so, though, they find themselves interested beyond work – but neither is willing to admit it to the other or even themselves. While trying to hold it all in and keep their friendship first and foremost, they pretty easily find their footing, no doubt due to the attraction growing between them.

Despite the semi-predictability of the plot in terms of the relationship panning out between them, the ups and downs of getting there will keep any lover of young adult romance and swoon-worthy kisses happy. It doesn’t hurt that both characters are supposed to be super good-looking and famous, which only adds to the intrigue and drama surrounding the entire story.

A fun and quick read, ‘Lucy and the Love Pact’ is another enjoyable story by Anna Catherine Field. Another one to check out by her is ‘Bea and the Bad Boy,’ and her other novels should certainly be on any young adult lover’s to-read list.

You can find ‘Lucy and the Love Pact’ by Anna Catherine Field here.

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