‘Kissing Lessons’ by Sophie Jordan Book Review

‘Kissing Lessons’ by Sophie Jordan is a well-written, entertaining story about a variety of main characters, including Hayden Vargas, Nolan Martin, Emmaline Martin, and Beau Sanders. While Hayden is known to be the “bad girl” at school, Emmaline is much more on the opposite end of the spectrum, always thought to be the one to play it safe, especially with big brother Nolan around to make sure she doesn’t ever take things too far. When Emmaline hires Hayden to teach her how to attract boys’ attention and essentially make her over so she can be more like Hayden, Nolan has a problem with this. When he finds out, he and his best friend, Beau Sanders, don’t know how to react other than to think that this is a bad idea all around. But Emmaline remains steadfast. She will not be deterred and continues to enlist Hayden’s help.

Hayden, meanwhile, finds herself attracted to Nolan, and even though Nolan finds that they seem to have a connection that he isn’t finding with his current girlfriend, Priscilla, he is not ready to act on anything. Despite trying not to, he thinks of Hayden in much the same way that others do – as the bad girl who it isn’t a good idea to be associated with. However, when he learns more about her, he finds that there is more to her than meets the eye, and it causes him to question how he sees her. In the meantime, Emmaline works to make herself more in Hayden’s image, not knowing that there is someone waiting in the wings who thinks about her the same way she thinks about him.

The chemistry between the various characters in the book is often electric, making it extremely hard to put the book down. The way that the “kissing lessons” are presented as the title of each chapter make the reading all that much more engaging and imaginative. It is definitely worth picking this book up and finding out what other books Sophie Jordan has written!

You can find ‘Kissing Lessons’ by Sophie Jordan here (to be released on June 2, 2020).

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*