‘It’s Your World’ by Chelsea Clinton Book Review

‘It’s Your World’ by Chelsea Clinton does a nice job of anticipating questions teens (or adults) may have about a wide variety of topics, including, but certainly not limited to, poverty, inequality, illnesses, hunger, and many, many more. It also focuses on routes that will hopefully lead to solutions for these problems. The book adeptly details the connections between various issues and dilemmas throughout the world. One that stands out most is how prevalent the issue of water availability is, and how it intertwines with not only the idea of healthy living, but also with the ability for some to do their work, along with a variety of other connective tissues that truly enhance the conversational storytelling through which Clinton writes the book.

Statistics add substance and deeper meaning throughout. The charts and graphs that are included help highlight the controversies described and make it much easier to see how action and progress are sorely needed in so many cases.

The book, while focused on inspirational and thought-provoking topics, tends to be a bit long in parts. The 400-plus page book would have better served its teen demographic by cutting down on the page count. Even though the information contained is solid, interesting, and worthwhile, and the statistics a welcome addition to showcasing the many troubles throughout the world and who they are most affecting, a shorter length would help make the book even stronger. However, if one is to read this book, they may not be reading it all at once, which is probably a good idea. If one is to read the chapters and excerpts that most intrigue them as a means of identifying and exploring their particular areas of interest, the book will more likely not seem so long, as the conversational style Clinton uses helps the storytelling move along at a fairly good pace. There are just so many topics to get to, and even though Clinton does separate these by parts and chapters and discusses the importance of realizing connections, it still gets too long at times.

All in all, ‘It’s Your World’ will capture the attention and motivational heartstrings of its readers, children and adults alike. It focuses on so much of what is wrong in the world today and how to fix it, through realistic and clear-cut anecdotes and information that will lead readers on the path to finding sustainable solutions.

You can find ‘It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!’ by Chelsea Clinton here.

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