‘We Thought We Were Invincible’ by Michelle Lynn Book Review

‘We Thought We Were Invincible’ by Michelle Lynn engages readers with twisting plotlines and searingly romantic scenes. Main characters Callie and Jamie have a lot going on in their lives, from their relationships with their family members, to the losses they’ve sustained in their lives, to the day-to-day issues that plague them as they plod through their senior year of high school in Gulf City, Florida.

Callie, who has never been particularly popular, finds herself thrust into that world, thanks to her twin brother, Colby, who is dating the popular Morgan. Callie and Morgan become fast friends, despite Callie’s wonder at just how that happened when she’s never been noticed before. All the while, Callie finds herself bothered by her old friend, Jamie, with whom she doesn’t get along so well, but to whom she finds herself attracted. Adding to the uncertainty she feels over these feelings is her relationship with Jamie’s brother Jay, whom she considers her best friend and with whom she had a slightly more than platonic relationship before he left for college. It also doesn’t help that both Colby and Jay have made it abundantly clear that they dislike the prospect of Callie and Jamie being together.

In addition to all of their relationship issues, there are also parental troubles, from dealing with the grief over Callie’s mother’s death years before, to Jamie being the black sheep in his father’s eyes, and never being given the chance to prove his worth. There is also mention of higher-level troubles, including the toll that bullying can take on an individual. Even though the individual being bullied – in this case a boy named Matthew – is a part of the story, readers never really get to know that character beyond mentions of him, since his character is not given the spotlight in the book. However, his story is more than adequately told, through the eyes of those who know him, or at least know of him, including his grandfather, who comes into the diner where Callie and Colby work with their Aunt Kat.

Sometimes beautifully endearing and sometimes heart-wrenching, ‘We Thought We Were Invincible’ showcases Lynn’s ability to write purposeful, emotional, lovely words about the way in which young adults cope with life and love. There is never only one answer to anything, and this is a theme in the story as they all focus on making decisions that will shape their lives in ways they never could have imagined.

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