‘We Thought We Knew It All’ by Michelle Lynn Book Review

‘We Thought We Knew It All’ by Michelle Lynn follows the plot that readers found themselves immersed in when reading ‘We Thought We Were Invincible’. Callie McCoy finds herself back in Gulf City, Florida, dealing with a divorce, three kids, and a secret that she worries will tear everything apart if it is ever discovered. All of this brings her love for and worry about her first love, Jamie Daniels, to the forefront, and through the passing of his father, it also throws her life right back into the center of his.

While Callie tries to figure out who she is and who she wants to be through her writing and her decision to re-open a diner that caters to her mother’s memory, she dives headfirst into a new relationship with her old flame, all while trying to figure out how she, her friends, and her family will cope with the revelation that they all might be more connected than they even know. After all, her first child is nine years old, and she was with both Jamie and her then future husband, Dylan, about ten years ago. Her support network, however, is strong, and despite her struggles with what the truth is or what she wants it to be, she has those she can lean on and know they will be there for her no matter the circumstance.

Jamie, still at odds with Callie, but equally in love with her, misses the girl he left behind, but after ten years of not speaking to each other, it seems that it won’t be so easy to get back into the swing of things. They find their rhythm, though, and through this, they also find their way back to each other. This doesn’t mean hiccups don’t occur or that reality doesn’t get in the way, but ‘We Thought We Knew It All’ definitely enthralls readers with the idea of first loves and how they never truly diminish. Callie and Jamie are (fictional) living proof of this.

A sweet and sentimental story about the power of love, truth, and raw emotion, ‘We Thought We Knew It All’ allows readers to think they have done just that, yet there are still some twists in store that prove that nothing is set in stone. Definitely worth the read, especially after reading ‘We Thought We Were Invincible,’ Michelle Lynn’s preceding novel.

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