‘Tin Men’ by Amalie Jahn Book Review

‘Tin Men’ by Amalie Jahn is the second in her Clay Lion series. The story revolves around Charlie, who learns of his adoption after his father dies. Not knowing what to make of his life, and trying to decipher the truth from the lies he has grown up with, he struggles with who he is and what to do next. By his side are his girlfriend, Brooke, and his sister, Melody, as well as his mom and Brooke’s parents. While he tries to figure out the truth about his father’s death and how his biological mother fits into it all, he uncovers truths that make him wonder what more there might be that he hasn’t yet found.

In his attempts to discover more about himself, he finds the need to use the one trip back in time that everyone is allowed. The problem is that nothing can be changed, or else dire consequences will come into play. Guided by his sister’s insistence and his own dogged determination to learn about his past, he goes against Brooke’s wishes and not only goes back into the past, but finds himself making changes that he didn’t even realize were happening. Of course this throws things off course in ways he could have never imagined, causing a cycle of events to transpire that turn his world even more upside down than he thought it already was.

A gripping story that will take readers on a trip into the past and make them question their own decisions and how life can seemingly turn out differently with one small change, ‘Tin Men’ is yet another wonderfully written story from Amalie Jahn. The first in this series, ‘The Clay Lion,’ sets the stage for ‘Tin Men’. Both novels teach the ever-important lesson of learning to know one’s limits. In ‘Tin Men,’ Charlie is so focused on how to make things better for himself that he doesn’t always consider the consequences of his actions, which can sometimes have unnecessarily harsh consequences if one doesn’t watch out. The story teaches how the power of truth-finding can sometimes weigh more on one’s character than he intends, providing hope and love when only honesty was expected.

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*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*