‘The Trouble with Kissing Frogs’ by Seven Steps Book Review

‘The Trouble with Kissing Frogs’ by Seven Steps tells the story of Sophia and Joe, two people who seemingly find love at first sight, only to have it ripped away by lies.

While Sophia never means to hurt Joe, she lies to him about her name in order to spare herself any trouble. When the cat is let out of the bag a year later, Joe is beside himself with anger, letting her know that he doesn’t intend to have anything to do with her. The problem is that they now attend the same school, and Sophia hasn’t been able to get him out of her mind since their first kiss after knowing each other for all of an hour. Joe does a better job of hiding his feelings, not letting on that she meant as much to him as he meant to her.

Despite having decided that they were finished with each other, they end up being in the same play. While Sophia would be happy being behind the scenes, never to even show her face, she is cast opposite Joe in the play, and she finds herself growing close to him once again. Yet, every time they seem to find that the ice between them is thawing, a wrench is thrown into the mix. Couple that with her cousin Quincey being best friends with Joe, and Sophia finds she has a recipe for disaster. Quincey is always saying things in attempts to make her mom suspicious of Sophia’s actions, and Joe is always saying things to Sophia that she can’t help but interpret as flirty. Every time she thinks they’re making progress, something gets in the way, and she wonders if her interest in Joe is truly one-sided, and if his feelings and the way he is acting are all in her mind.

Sophia’s friends help to keep her grounded while her feelings for Joe drive her crazy. Even though she has sworn off boys, she is willing to give in to temptation if Joe chooses to reciprocate her feelings. The problem is that she just can’t read what he’s thinking, and every time they get close, he does something that makes it seem that being together is the worst possible idea.

A fun and engaging novel, ‘The Trouble with Kissing Frogs’ is chock full of friendship, fun, and crushes. Anyone who has read – or plans to read – any of the St. Mary’s Academy series by Seven Steps, of which this is one of the novels, will truly enjoy this story of love, lust, and temptation.

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