‘The Perfect Catch’ by Maggie Dallen Book Review

‘The Perfect Catch’ by Maggie Dallen is a swoon-worthy romance that captures the innocent, yet frustrating relationship between Callie and Noah. Even though the two have known each other for basically their whole lives, having grown up as neighbors, coupled with the fact that Noah and Callie’s brother are best friends, they have not realized their romantic feelings for each other until recently. Once they do, they individually determine that the feelings must be one-sided, and that there isn’t any reason to see if anything will happen between them.

They are content to stay out of each other’s way, even though Callie wants to know what is bothering Noah so much since she used to be able to talk to him. Then one kiss changes everything. With her overthinking nature, Callie sets her mind on the idea that Noah would have kissed anyone in the scary situation they were faced with at the time. Noah, meanwhile, does his best to put Callie out of his mind, out of respect for his friendship with her brother.

When they are thrown together in a ball game with Noah as the coach and Callie as the star pitcher, their friction gets ramped up many notches, and they are forced to confront their feelings once and for all.

Maggie Dallen has captured the beauty of falling in love along with the uncertainty of it all. Definitely a story to add to any contemporary romance lover’s must-read list.

You can find ‘The Perfect Catch’ by Maggie Dallen here.

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