‘The Digger and the Flower’ by Joseph Kuefler Book Review

‘The Digger and the Flower’ by Joseph Kuefler shows the power of goodness when everything else seems to be overtaking what one knows and loves.

While the other construction equipment works hard to create buildings and other components of the city skyline, Digger comes upon a flower. Sympathy overpowers him, and he knows that he needs to protect it from the encroaching construction work. He does what he can to keep it safe, shielding it from the wind and visiting with it, but alas, the time eventually comes to build on the land on which it sits. The other vehicles pay it no mind, but Digger’s special bond with it makes his ensuing workload that much harder to bear. He knows it will have to go away, but he isn’t quite prepared for how it happens.

Yet, despite the loss he feels, he finds a way to allow his love of the earth and care for the flower to flourish. Through skillful and insightful illustrations that show how any character – even a construction vehicle – can be personified, Joseph Kuefler creates a stirring sense of both sympathy by Digger and empathy by readers who can share Digger’s concerns. Kuefler also shows how, even though construction and nature seem like two entirely exclusive ideas, they can find common ground (literally, even). There is always something someone can have in common with someone else, despite differences, and that is a powerful lesson that this book subtly professes to its readers.

You can find ‘The Digger and the Flower’ by Joseph Kuefler here.

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