‘The Boyfriend Agreement’ by Seven Steps Book Review

‘The Boyfriend Agreement’ by Seven Steps is definitely a hard one to put down! With a mix of romance, intrigue, and even some violent streaks mixed in, this novel is chock full of page-turning goodness. The author also uses plenty of Disney parallels that keep readers thinking and lends a light feeling to the book even when the themes seem darker than necessary.

Main character Bella French doesn’t know it, but she is in love. The problem is that she’s falling for the wrong brother. Jake Winsted seems like the ultimate guy. The hot and popular football player, being newly single, is all Bella thinks about, and she knows it’s only in her wildest dreams that she’ll ever land a chance with him. When that chance comes, though, it’s at a much higher cost than she ever thought possible, and she begins to realize that what one sees on the surface is definitely not all there is to someone. Despite all of Jake’s popularity and charm, she keeps finding herself drawn to his nuisance of a brother, Cole, who drives her crazy with his jokes about his slightly higher GPA.

Along with her two best friends, Bella tries to traverse what she finds out to be a pretty treacherous world of popularity, trying to maintain who she is while yearning to be someone she’s never been and doesn’t know that she truly wants to be. Mean girls aren’t her only worry, either, when she finds out about a drug scheme going on in her own school and discovers that Jake might be involved, bringing her deeper into the world to which she once desperately longed to belong. All the while, she is realizing what she truly cares about, and figuring out how to maintain it all while trying to balance her lies and deceit, mostly directed at the people she cares about for what she maintains is their sake.

Anyone looking to be fully submerged in a novel, and feel the rush of being involved with something exciting that eventually turns out to be nothing it was cracked up to be, and even scary, must check out ‘The Boyfriend Agreement’ by Seven Steps. It will shake readers to their core, yet bring the brightest spots of romance that will spread smiles across the faces of those who read it. This is only the first of this series by Seven Steps, so checking out the rest is also a must!

You can find ‘The Boyfriend Agreement’ by Seven Steps here.

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