‘Sundae My Prince Will Come’ by Suzanne Nelson Book Review

‘Sundae My Prince Will Come’ by Suzanne Nelson combines main character Malie’s love of ballet with her relationship woes. Her boyfriend, Ethan, whom she has been friends with for years before they chanted their relationship status, seems like her perfect match. They get along well, share friends, enjoy spending time together, and respect each other’s personal interests, even if they don’t have them in common. Everything seems like it’s fine and dandy until Alonzo – Lanz for short – comes to town. His arrival prompts Malie to begin questioning feelings that she has never felt before, and which she doesn’t know what to do with, especially since she’s still with Ethan.

As she acts like she doesn’t want to be around Lanz, he makes every attempt to try to win her over as friends. The fact that she is standoffish only makes him more focused on figuring out why she doesn’t want to bother with him. When Malie doesn’t think she’ll be able to take ballet anymore, Lanz smoothly comes to the rescue, owing to the fact that his mother is the new dance instructor at the studio where Malie dances. They come up with what they feel is an even exchange, even though Lanz is willing to do even more than necessary to hold up his end of the bargain.

Malie’s friends and her mother figure into her predicament as she keeps a variety of secrets from each of them, including her attraction to Lanz and her feelings of upset over becoming disconnected from Ethan. The fact that a mean girl is out to steal her part in the ballet school’s performance of Cinderella puts the level of worry and annoyance over the top for Malie, and she has trouble knowing where and to whom to turn for help.

A sweet and enjoyable story about the power of friendship, family, and knowing how to rely on others rather than just oneself, Malie’s story is one that will resonate with readers of all ages. Life doesn’t always go just the way one hopes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t end up working out in the end.

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