‘Peterrific’ by Victoria Kann Book Review

‘Peterrific’ by Victoria Kann is all about the joys of imagination and lessons learned as a result. When Peter starts building a tower out of his toy blocks, he realizes that he wants to make it bigger and better than ever before. So he takes it upon himself to draw the tower and set his sights on his tower-building aspirations. His sister, Pinkalicious, helps bring him more and more blocks as he begins work. They work together so Peter can make his dream into a reality. Soon enough, his tower has grown so tall that he can no longer hear his family or see his house so clearly. He has reached the highest of heights, and getting back down seems almost impossible. Despite the neatness of having met his goal, he comes to the realization that he is alone. Even though Pinkalicious helped him get to where he is, he no longer has her by his side.

Kann has done a very nice job showcasing the power of having a dream and seeing to it that it is achieved. She has instilled the power of friendship throughout the story, especially as Pinkalicious helps her brother and Peter tries to figure out what Pinkalicious would do if she were in his situation. She embeds the idea that kids want to be independent and free, but sometimes need their parents and siblings to help ground them. In addition to all of these lessons, she also ends the story with an even more positive note – that despite any past successes, there is still room for improvement, and Peter is destined to work toward yet another goal, with Pinkalicious at his side this time around.

Friendship, effort, and determination are but three of the traits that Peter shares with readers in ‘Peterrific’ – a fantastical tale that will allow readers, young and old alike, to ponder the meaning of working toward a set goal, with the beauty of possibility always in mind.

You can find ‘Peterrific’ by Victoria Kann here.

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