‘My Virtual Prince Charming’ by Maggie Dallen Book Review

‘My Virtual Prince Charming’ by Maggie Dallen brings together Suzie and Luke. Neighbors who have never really thought much of each other, they find themselves thrown together by circumstances that Suzie feels are beyond her control, but are entirely working in Luke’s favor. When he realizes that Suzie is one of his gaming buddies online – a fact she is not aware of – he does his best to get to know her, all the while making her feel more and more dislike toward him. She can’t figure out why he’s all of a sudden so interested in programming, or why her presence seems to make him act in a way that only serves to frustrate her.

Despite the predictability of the scenario in which Suzie and Luke find themselves, with Dallen making it clear that she will obviously eventually find out that her best guy friend in an online game is actually Luke, the chemistry between them and the relationship that unfolds as they get to know each other outside of the game is quite endearing. She sees his growth and comes to see him as more of a friend who isn’t just another one of the guys, and he learns more about her and everything he has been missing out on while not being friends with her until this point. Their banter and interest in each other is something that any lover of young adult romance will love. Dallen is great at writing two characters who seem to dislike each other immensely (or at least one dislikes the other) only to find that they are perfect for each other by the end of the novel.

A terrifically worthwhile and fun read, ‘My Virtual Prince Charming’ is a cute tale in the age of technology. Readers will definitely want to pick up more of Maggie Dallen’s books.

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