‘Meet Me There’ by Judy Corry Book Review

‘Meet Me There’ by Judy Corry follows main characters Luke and Ashlyn. They don’t get along too well, especially since he likes playing pranks on her, and she tries to best him with each one. When he gets the opportunity to play out the biggest prank of all – pretending to be someone he’s not, with Ashlyn none the wiser – he jumps at the chance. Little does she know that the endearing British boy she meets in a dark classroom is actually the bane of her existence – or so she thinks. The fact that they get along so well despite never having seen each other is mysterious and energizing to Ashlyn, and Luke’s fake accent is helping the mystery to stay alive. The trouble is that when he comes to appreciate Ashlyn as more than a nemesis with whom he can spar, he doesn’t know how to get out of the conundrum he’s created for himself. Getting rid of British Boy proves harder than Luke thought possible.

The chemistry between Luke and Ashlyn is strong, yet they – and most especially Ashlyn – do their best to hide their growing attraction to each other, especially when British Boy, no matter how fake he might be, is still in the mix. When Ashlyn learns the truth, it affects her in a way she didn’t expect, and the way she deals with it brings up unexpected results and even more unexpected truths about what she expects from life and from herself.

Corry has written a sweet contemporary romance that has a good dose of anticipation built in while readers wait for Ashlyn to learn the truth and Luke to come clean about his prank. The fact that the prank turns into something real in terms of how much he likes Ashlyn is somewhat of a cliche, but it is one that any lover of young adult stories and/or contemporary romances will thoroughly enjoy.

You can find ‘Meet Me There’ by Judy Corry here.

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