‘Meanwhile’ by Jason Shiga Book Review

‘Meanwhile’ by Jason Shiga is a graphic novel adventure that will remind readers of the types of books in which you can choose your own adventure. The book has 3,856 story possibilities. The way it is laid out is quite unique, in that you have to follow a thin tube from page to page as you engage with the story. There are times when, even though you have already chosen a path, you get to choose again, when the tube splits off in different directions.

The book starts out by asking a simple question: chocolate or vanilla? This seemingly trivial question leads to overly complicated scenarios, as the character in the story is led by the reader through tasks that will hopefully keep humankind from being destroyed. There is the opportunity to test a time machine, worry about a doomsday device, investigate a lab, meet a mad scientist, and more.

While the tubes make the story interesting, they also make it seemingly harder for readers to make sure they are on the correct page. It is best to use one’s finger to follow the tubes to ensure that the wrong path is not taken.

For readers interested in something different, unique, and marching to its own drummer (in a good way), ‘Meanwhile’ is the right book to check out. It will certainly keep readers on their toes.

You can find ‘Meanwhile’ by Jason Shiga here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*