‘Lily and the Wedding Date Mistake’ by Seven Steps Book Review

‘Lily and the Wedding Date Mistake’ by Seven Steps is a story of friendship lost and found between main characters Lily and Becks. They travel through uncharted territory trying to figure out how to get their friendship back on track after Becks’ faraway move many years ago. They don’t seem to be on the same page and seemingly have no desire to find their way back to each other, but as the novel goes on, the two find that they have more common ground than they once thought, and they haven’t changed nearly as much as they’d like to think they have.

While Lily works hard at planning a school carnival to help raise money for a fellow student, Becks works at getting on Lily’s every nerve, or so she’d like to believe. Yet it turns out that the nerve he’s hitting most is the one she does her best to deny – the one that makes her realize she has a crush on her former best friend. They spar throughout the planning process, and at times he agrees with her, which she finds gnawing at her since she can’t grasp how his moods are always changing regarding how he feels about her. All the while, her sister, Rose, and her best friend, Calla, have issues of their own, making Lily’s life that much more complicated.

With a healthy dose of uncertainty and teenage angst and a number of misunderstandings, Seven Steps shows that this new story is a solid addition to her library of books. As author of the St. Mary’s Academy series, she has shown that her aptitude for writing swoon-worthy teen romance is definitely strong, and ‘Lily and the Wedding Date Mistake’ lives up to that. Definitely check out this new novel by a great author.

You can find ‘Lily and the Wedding Date Mistake’ by Seven Steps here.

*Review originally posted at YABooksCentral.com*