‘La Petite Josette En Provence’ by Ashley Davidson-Fisher Book Review

‘La Petite Josette En Provence’ by Ashley Davidson-Fisher, illustrated by Martinique Louise Fisher, who so happens to be the author’s daughter, is a nice story for young children. The book clearly shows how much the author loves the French landscape and some of the goings-on in the country. While the story does do more telling than showing through its words, the illustrations enhance the story, adding to the “showing” aspect, and bringing further beauty to the plot.

La Petite Josette and her sister, Anne-Laure, are excited to spend the day with their parents. They plan to have a picnic lunch and visit the sites. From waking up and preparing for the day to getting in the car and seeing everything, on to the trip home, every part of the day is covered. Young children and those who take them on trips will enjoy the family’s adventure and likely want to start planning a day much like it for themselves.

It was a nice touch to write the story in English with some French phrases mixed in to add to the authenticity of La Petite Josette’s visit to the countryside. A charming look into a different place and everything it offers, ‘La Petite Josette En Provence’ will teach readers about the beauty of family through the special relationships they build while visiting interesting places.

You can find ‘La Petite Josette En Provence’ by Ashley Davidson-Fisher here.

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