‘Confiscated’ by Suzanne Kaufman Book Review

‘Confiscated’ by Suzanne Kaufman tells the story of two dinosaur brothers who each want the same toys. When their mother finally gets fed up with their insistence on arguing, she takes all of the toys away. Boredom eventually kicks in, and the brothers realize that they can actually have a good time playing together.

Kaufman does a nice job of showing how kids can generally be – vacillating from one interest to the next, sometimes solely based on what someone else (in this case, a brother) thinks. The way she changes their relationship when they realize they have to rely on each other for a change is quite true to real life and shows how siblings, good friends, etc. can react to similar situations.

Through cute illustrations that showcase the emotions each of the brothers feels as the story goes on, Kaufman captures readers’ attention and subtly instructs children to behave more appropriately and find what can be good even if everything seems to be going wrong.

You can find ‘Confiscated’ by Suzanne Kaufman here.

*Review originally posted on YABooksCentral.com*

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