‘Chasing Mermaids’ by Seven Steps Book Review

‘Chasing Mermaids’ by Seven Steps is a nice follow-up to her first book in this series, ‘The Boyfriend Agreement’. Main character Ariel just wants things to work out in her favor. Yet, when ex-boyfriend Eric lied to her about what originally brought them together, she realized that being with him was not right for her. Despite this, sparks fly between the two as the story goes on, and her potential relationship with another guy takes a backseat to her seemingly renewed friendship with Eric that could turn out to be something more if she lets it.

Her father, though, always seems to stand in the way, especially when he signs her up for a business class that she learns she has to take in place of going to swim practice, her one escape from all of the realities of her life. Dealing with her dad isn’t enough, because she also has to worry about her older sister who is beginning to rebel against everything Ariel knows and carve out a path for herself apart from the family. The fact that this sister is the one who takes care of the family since their mother’s death isn’t helping matters any, since with her gone, Ariel worries that she’ll have to take the lead and keep the family together.

With a best friend in tow, and a couple of other friends on the sidelines based on past indiscretions on their part, Ariel tries to find a way to navigate her new relationships and her aggravating family issues so she can find her own happiness. This proves to be harder than she thought, but she still does her best to make it all work for her, sometimes taking matters into her own hands and finding her way into some trouble along the way.

Seven Steps has crafted a cute and friendship-filled story that has plenty of sweet romantic twists included. The way she writes in a similar fashion to Disney stories gives the writing an endearing quality.

You can find ‘Chasing Mermaids’ by Seven Steps here.

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