‘Blue vs. Yellow’ by Tom Sullivan Book Review

‘Blue vs. Yellow’ by Tom Sullivan focused on the creative ways in which those two colors can be used, along with the ways in which they are both similar and different. The give and take between the two colors and how each felt it was best was written in a way that is reminiscent of a sibling rivalry. The colors each feel that they present the best options and have the most to offer. When they end up combined, they realize that there is also much to be enjoyed when they “work” together and turn everything green.

The book presents the idea that even though it may seem there are two sides to something, sometimes a mutual understanding can come about, resulting in a happy medium for everyone. Yet, the end of the book also brings another opinion into the mix, when the color red decides to show up and share everything it offers and why those aspects make it the best one overall. This is quite important, as it shows young readers that despite it sometimes seeming that there are only two options to choose from, or that an issue is “black or white,” there are still shades of gray available. In the case of this book, “black or white” is equal to “blue” and “yellow,” while the shades of gray come in the form of green and red.

An instructive look at what colors offer and what they are capable of, Sullivan has written an interesting story that is good for readers, whether young or older.

You can find ‘Blue vs. Yellow’ by Tom Sullivan here.

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